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This week’s article features a couple of catchers who can help out your team immediately. If Marlon Byrd is available in your league I would pick him up asap. If you need a corner infielder, I don’t think anyone is hotter with power than Juan Francisco right now. The pitchers in this article are mainly guys who can eat innings and lower your ERA. Other than Jonathon Niese, these featured starters won’t overpower hitters by swings and misses. But they are some really solid pitchers this season who can make a difference on your team. With Joe Smith (RP) Angels coming down with an illness, I don’t really have anyone to recommend for a closer this week. If Jonathan Broxton and Matt Lindstrom are still available in your league, and you are desperate for saves, you could take a chance with them. 






Derek Norris (C) Oakland Athletics (7% Owned)- John Jaso and Derek Norris came into the season splitting time at catcher. But it’s been Norris who has been a nice suprise for the A’s so far. He is batting 26-for-69 (.377/.463/.536) (8 Runs, 5 Doubles, 2HR, 12RBI’s, SB, 10:11 BB:K). Derek does have 18 career HR’s in 175 games. He was drafted by the Nationals in the 4th round in 2007 and is just 25 years old. He needs to stay consistent if he wants to take away at-bats from Jaso. I think he could be good for 20HR’s this season.




Wilson Ramos (C) Washington Nationals (52% Owned)- Ramos has missed the first 5 weeks of the season due to injury. He had surgery on his hamate bone (hand). If you are in need of a catcher, Ramos could be a great steal. He only played 78 games in 2013, but had 16HR’s and 59RBI’s. In his first game back vs. the Dodgers on Wednesday (May 7), he went 1-for-2 (Double, RBI, Walk). Ramos is a pretty sturdy guy coming in at 6″0 240lbs. He is 26 years-old out of Venezuela, he was never drafted. He has hit 35HR’s in just 233 career games, not bad. He’s also hitting in a 5th in the Nationals lineup in between Adam LaRoche and Ian Desmond. Even though the Nationals lineup can sometimes appear dismal, they can get as hot as anyone and Ramos will be in a great spot for RBI’s.




Scooter Gennett (2B) Milwaukee Brewers (9% Owned)- I just really like Scooter. He has that Dustin Pedroia, David Eckstein vibe to him. He’s a smaller guy (5’9 170lbs.) and plays really hard.  He has a career (.310/.343./451) batting clip in 93 career games with the Brewers (2013-2014). Gennett was drafted by the Brewers in the 16th round in 2009. He had a great rookie season last year. In 69 games, he hit a (.324) Avg. with a little bit of power (11 Doubles, 2 Triples, 6HR’s). He is showing his rookie season was no fluke hitting (.283) so far  this season with (11 runs, 5 2B’s, 3B, 2HR’s 9RBI’s, 3SB’s). As you can see he won’t have overwhelming power but he can help fill that fairly thin second base position. The Brewers look like they might have an answer for the Rickie Weeks nightmare.



Atlanta Braves v Cincinnati Reds

Juan Francisco (1B, 3B) Toronto Blue Jays (15% Owned)- Francisco has been one of the hottest hitters in the majors the past 2 weeks. As of May 9th he is currently on an 8-game hitting streak. In 17 games this season, Francisco has (14 Runs, 2 Doubles, Triple, 5HR’s and 12RBI’s). He has has basically been putting up Bautista/Encarnacion type numbers. He is currently serving as the team’s DH and should start everyday as long as he doesn’t go ice cold. I don’t think his power has been a fluke, he has 37HR’s in just 201 career games. He had 13HR’s in just 89 games with the Brewers in 2013. If your league does count strikeouts be careful because he does have 21 K’s in 17 games. If you need a corner infielder, pick up Francisco while he’s hot.



Gordon Beckham (2B) Chicago White Sox (2% Owned)– Overall, Beckham has had a pretty dissapointing career. He was a 1st round pick by the Sox in 2008 and has posted a career (.248) Avg. over his 6 seasons with Chicago. He has been knocked on for his inconsistent defense, being injury-prone and striking out to much at the plate. But Ventura has gone with him every game since he has returned from his oblique injury. Beckham has hit safely now in 8 of the past 9 games. And he’s 6-for-13 (3 Runs, 2HR’s, 4RBI’s) since May 6th. Gordon has had 22 doubles or more for 5 straight seasons. So he does have some gap power. The White Sox have been hitting the ball great this season, and he could have added value if he gets a chance to hit at the top of the order. He, along with Scooter can help you fill the 2B position if you need one.







Marlon Byrd (OF) Philadelphia Phillies (48% Owned)– Marlon, like Francisco, could be the hottest hitter in baseball. Byrd is starting to get picked up in all leagues. I was kinda confused on how he was just over 30% owned a month into the season.  Now he has steadily climbed up to 48% owned nearly 6 weeks into 2014. I was confused because that means nearly 2/3 of fantasy leagues didn’t draft a guy who hit .294 with 75 Runs, 35 Doubles, 5 Triples, 24HR’s and 87RBI’s in 147 games between the Mets and Pirates in 2013. He’s trying to prove to the Phillies he’s not aging and he was worth the money. He’s done exactly that. He’s so hot that he’s had 2 hits or more in 9 of the past 12 games. He’s hitting a solid (.317./.348/.516) batting clip with (10 Runs, 11 Doubles, Triple, 4HR’s and 22 RBI’s) this season. He is basically a poor man’s Adam Jones. He has a lot of power but he rarely walks, and strikes out a ton. (6:36) BB:K ratio. If your league doesn’t count strikeouts, you won’t find a better pick up if he’s there. If your league does count strikeouts like mine, he more than makes up for it with his middle of the order RBI potential.




George Springer (OF) Houston Astros (43% Owned)– I had previously talked about the good and bad of Springer in my Rookie Radar article on the site. You should check that out if you want to know more about Springer. He started nicely this year with a 5-game hitting streak, then he went cold, and now he is hot again. Probably what we can expect from the rookie for the next couple years. But the Astros are giving him every chance to shine. He has hit clean-up everyday. As of May 9th, he is on an 8-game hitting streak. Like Byrd, he does have a pretty bad walk to strikeout ratio (6:29). He only has 4 extra-base hits in 79AB’s, some much needed improvement in that area. But if you need an OF with some potential, take a look at Springer.



Starting Pitchers





Tom Koehler (SP) Miami Marlins (22% Owned)- The only way for me to describe Koehler is he is as good this year, as he was bad last year. Well I guess I’m being a little to hard on him. He did give up less hits (140) than innings pitched (143). But he had a 4.41 ERA along with a 1.33WHIP. Batters that faced him in 2012 (13IP) hit a (.278) Avg., in 2013 they hit (.266) Avg. (143IP), and hitting a (.177) Avg. in (45.1IP) this season. So he is steadily improving. But I can’t tell if he is pitching over his head or just developing into what the Marlins thought he would be. He’s been great this season. In his 7 starts he’s (3-2) with a 1.99ERA 0.99WHIP. He’s only given up 28 hits in 45.1 innings this year. Pretty solid. Only downside to him is he doesn’t fan hitters like your average starter. He only has 29K’s this season. But as long as he keeps throwing like this, he has the value to fill your stat sheet.



Dillon Gee (SP) New York Mets (47% Owned)– Gee is one of two New York Mets pitchers I have on here. UTA (University of Texas-Arlington) seems to produce some decent baseball players. That campus is about 20 minutes from my house. Just off the top of my head I know Michael Choice and Hunter Pence played there. They seem to land and turn players into pretty good prospects. Dillon Gee went there and was drafted by the Mets in 2007. And for a Mets pitcher he’s actually had a decent career. He’s gone (36-27) with a 3.77ERA and 1.28WHIP. He’s had success by only giving up 526 hits in 549 career innings. Dillon has only had 1 down year, which was his second season (2011). He went (13-6) but had a 4.48ERA along with a 1.38WHIP. He has been good about keeping the ball inside the park for most of his career except last year, he gave up 24HR’s. But he still had a solid season last year, throwing 200 innings with a 3.62ERA and 1.28WHIP. In his 7 starts this season, he’s gone (3-1), only giving up 31 hits in (46.2IP). He has 2.51ERA with 1.05WHIP, but only has 32K’s. So like Koehler, he can fill up the stat sheet but overwhelm in the strikeout category.


Matt Harrison (SP) Texas Rangers (8% Owned)– I think a lot of people have forgotten how good of a pitcher Matt Harrison was. He had a couple back injuries that prevented him from doing anyting last season. But in 2011 and 2012 combined, he had 3.34ERA 1.28WHIP 269K’s  in 399 innings pitched. Not bad for an American League pitcher in a hitters park. He did give up 35HR’s over those 2 years though. He started this season on the DL, but now has 3 starts under his belt. Harrison is (1-0) with a 2.87ERA. He should get his command down and eliminate the walks as the season goes on. In his first start @ Seattle he had a quality start, (6IP 3H 2R 2BB 4K). He only gave up 2 runs over 4.1 IP @ LAA but he gave up 10 hits. He still didn’t get the loss though. So his 3rd start was the judgement start for me. Just to get a read if he was worth a move. And he looked great @ Home vs. the Rockies (the hottest team in the league). He threw 5.1 shutout innings, giving up 3 hits, 4 walks and struck out 2. The strikeout numbers should increase a little bit, but like the other pitchers in this article, he is an innings eater with quality start and wins potential.

Jordan Lyles (SP) Colorado Rockies (15% Owned)– Lyles has had one of the worst careers of any starting pitcher on a current roster. These are his ERA numbers since his rookie season. (2011-5.36ERA) (2012-5.09ERA) (2013-5.59ERA). That’s over 65 starts with the Astros. Pretty bad. Looks like he got a fresh breath of rocky moutain air in moving to Colorado this off-season. I keep on waiting for him to throw a bad game, especially at Coors Field, but he just won’t budge. He’s one inning away from having a quality start in 6 straight outings. Which means he goes at least 6 innings, and gives up 3 runs or less in his start. He’s only given up 37 hits in just 44.2 innings pitched this season. But he does only have 27 striekouts. Jordan also has a 2.62ERA 1.05WHIP, along with a solid 4-0 record. You won’t have to worry about run support on most nights with him either, like you would with a Mets pitcher.  Until he starts pitching like he did with the Astros, pick him up and expect decent numbers.


Jonathon Niese (SP) New York Mets (33% Owned)- If you add one out to his first start, Jonathon has had a quality start in all 6 outings this season. The 6″3 215lb. southpaw was drafted in the 7th round by the Mets in 2005. Niese had a pretty rough beginning to his career the first 4 years (2008-2011). He averaged a 4.31ERA 1.44WHIP over that time period. But he has seemed to develop into a decent starter the past 2 seasons. In 2012 he went (13-9), only giving up 174 hits in 190 innings, and had a 3.40ERA 1.17WHIP. He wasn’t as sharp in 2013, giving up 158 hits in just 143 innings pitched. He went (8-8) with a 3.71ERA and a dreadful 1.44WHIP. Oddly enoug,h he gave up 22HR’s in 2012, but only 10HR’s in 2013. But Niese is off to a pretty hot start this year. He’s (2-2) with a 1.82ERA 1.01WHIP. He’s only given up 31 hits in 39.2 innings pitched also. Jonathon might be the best strikeout pitcher on this article. He has 30K’s so far this season. He should fill up a slot nicely in your rotation.


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