Water Cooler: Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Tiger Woods

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Welcome to the Water Cooler!  This is where we meet up, forget about everything else going on and talk about what’s happening in the sports world. You know the place. You are in the middle of a busy day in your office and after you’ve had your second coffee of the morning (not including that Venti Americana with a Double Shot of Espresso you picked up on the drive in to work) you realize that you are thirsty. You venture over to the water cooler for a quick drink and a guy from sales is there filling up his cup. He turns around, sees you and says, “Did you see that game last night!?” And then it’s on. You are now speaking the same language and it has nothing to do with work and it’s perfect. So grab a drink, lean back against the wall or prop your arm up on top of the water jug and let’s chat.


“How do you think Lebron will do against the Bulls now they are headed to Chicago”?

Most of the time, sports revolve around a polarizing figure. Kobe, A-Rod, Brady, Tiger, whoever. Right now there is nobody more polarizing in basketball or all of sports than Lebron James. In the conversation starter, Lebron is synonymous with the words, The Heat. When you are wondering how The Heat are gonna do, you can just say how is Lebron James gonna do, because it is all about him. If Game 1 was a slap to the face from Chicago, Game 2 was a kick to the groin from Miami. Chicago is a tough place to play and their crowd is always in it but they are not going to win this series. I give Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler and Nate Robinson all the credit in the world but they are up against a giant here. With Deng sidelined by this mysterious illness and Derrick Rose still not in the mix, Chicago does not have a chance. Lebron set the tone in the first half of Game 2 and will continue to lead the way with D-Wade, Bosh and Ray Allen more than capable of following the lead and finishing Chicago off.


“Who is that Curry guy for Golden State and where did he come from?”

His name is Stephen (Pronounced Stef-en) Curry and he is from Charlotte, North Carolina, but that’s not really what you’re asking. He is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry. His brother Seth was a standout player for Duke the past 3 years. If you think this is Curry’s first rodeo as a “Cinderella story” think again. In his sophomore year of college at Davidson College (Excuse me, where!? It’s in North Carolina) he led Davidson to the Elite Eight as a #10 seed. He also led the NCAA in scoring his junior year, which was his final year before he was drafted first round by Golden State. Which brings us to today. Without injured All Star Forward David Lee, Curry is putting on that glass slipper again and taking the ball(see what I did there?) back to Golden State with the series tied at 1-1. Nobody saw that coming. After, Russell Westbrook’s injury, San Antonio became a heavy favorite over OKC to represent the West in the NBA Finals. Keep your eyes on this Curry guy and the Warriors this weekend and see if Cinderella can keep dancing.


“Do you think Tiger can win this weekend?”

I don’t think many of us are expecting #113 ranked golfer Roberto Castro to be on top of the leaderboard at the end of the Players Championship Sunday. He currently sits on top with a 9 under 63 for the first day. People still aren’t talking as much about Castro. There is one name that people are always throwing out there to win…Tiger Woods. If Tiger is playing, people will be watching and talking. Tiger shot well in the first round today and finished 5 under with a 67. It’s just the first round and he’s grouped with a lot of guys that shot well today but I will throw this out there. Tiger has won a tournament 23 of 54 times when he has shot 5 under or better in the first round.

Alright, back to work. Thanks for joining me at the water cooler.

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