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Water Cooler

Welcome to the Water Cooler! This is where we meet up, forget about everything else going on and talk about what’s happening in the sports world. You know the place. You are in the middle of a busy day in your office and after you’ve had your second coffee of the morning (not including that Venti Americana with a Double Shot of Espresso you picked up on the drive in to work) you realize that you are thirsty. You venture over to the water cooler for a quick drink and a guy from sales is there filling up his cup. He turns around, sees you and says, “Did you see that game last night!?” And then it’s on. You are now speaking the same language and it has nothing to do with work and it’s perfect. So grab a drink, lean back against the wall or prop your arm up on top of the water jug and let’s chat.

“Did you see Kevin Durant?  He did not play well at all and lost it for the Thunder”

That is totally not true.  Anyone that would think that would have to take into consideration the loss of Russell Westbrook.  That’s why it’s a team game.  You can only do so much without the components that make up the team.  Ask Boston(Rondo) and the Lakers(Take your pick: Kobe, Nash, Howard, Gasol).  Durant actually played very well.  In the 5 game series against Memphis, he average 28.8 points, 10.6 rebounds and 6.6 assists in 46 minuts.  Come on now, that’s ballin!  Unfortunately what stood out is his 5 for 21 in the Game 5 season ending loss and especially missing the possible game winner.  After battling back and bringing it within 2, the Thunder had the ball with 11 seconds left.  Durant gets the ball from Fisher from the inbound, makes a move on (All Defensive Team Forward) Tony Allen, got a good look and missed.  Game over, season over.  Bottom line, dude played his heart out and will be back next year and years to come in the same position.

“The Heat are not going to make the Finals.  The Heat won’t be able to handle The Pacers inside game.”
Miami wins their series 4-1 against the Bulls and somehow everyone questions them.  Yes, it was a tough series and very physical.  And no, the Bulls did not have Luol Deng or Derrick Rose but Miami still won.  They did what they had to.  The Heat were slapped in the face in Game 1 and then said, “Oh no you didn’t” and slapped back.  P.S.  The Pacers just found their inside game and they also aren’t even in the next round yet! Miami has a HUGE target on their back and wherever you can find what appears to be a whole, people will talk about it and try and exploit it.  I think they will be fine.  I’m expecting Miami to move on and represent the East no matter who wins between the Knicks and Pacers

“Does Memphis even have a chance against San Antonio?”
San Antonio is very dangerous as long as Popovich, Duncan, Parker and Ginobli are there.  Memphis is also very dangerous.  This is a team that after losing the first two games to the Clippers, won the next four in a row.  Then they beat an OKC team that was hurting but still very dangerous.  San Antonio recovered from their Game 1 deficit to win and capitalized on Stephen Curry’s injuries and poor shooting to win the series.

Betting Trends:
Series Price:               San Antonio -120 Memphis +100
Season Series:            Tied 2-2 straight up, 2-2 against the spread, 1-3 over/under
The total has gone UNDER in 4 of the last 6 games between Memphis AT San Antonio
Memphis is 0-5 straight up in the last 5 games at San Antonio
Memphis is 1-3-1 against the spread in last 5 games at San Antoni0

Spurs:  San Antonio is a good bet because of their experience.  They are good enough to switch gears from the up tempo, fast paced style the Warriors play to the slow down, grinder, inside game style of Memphis.  The Spurs won’t be intimidated playing at Memphis, with their only loss being an overtime loss.  Tim Duncan is the best big man Memphis has seen in the playoffs and San Antonio has better shooters and more depth.  Memphis played against a Clippers team that was banged up and a Thunder team missing it’s All Star point guard.  San Antonio is healthy going into this series.

Grizzlies:  Memphis has covered 10 straight since their Game 1 loss in the first round to the Clippers.  Memphis holds a mental edge by beating the favorites in each series(Clippers and OKC) and San Antonio still remembers being bounced out of the 2011 playoffs by #8 seed Memphis in the first round.  Memphis has had four players averaging double figures so San Antonio can’t do the old let one person beat them, then shut them down at the end of the game trick.  Memphis has also averaged the fewest turnovers in the playoffs.

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