UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman for Middleweight Title

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UFC 162 Preview

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has another title fight event this Saturday night. July 6th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Anderson Silva will defend his Middleweight Title versus Chris Weidman. There is a lot of chatter about the #1 pound for pound fighter facing off against someone who has a good chance to beat him. I don’t see it that way, but we will get to that. The 5 main card fights can be seen on Pay Per View. For those to cheap to pay for the Pay Per View, FX will show the 4 fight undercard. For those that don’t have cable, you can watch the first 2 preliminary fights on Facebook in between searching through pictures of your old high school girlfriends. The FX undercard has some solid names with scrappy Edson Barboza, Ultimate Fighter winner and Irishman Norman Parke as well as veteran Chris Leben but it’s the main fight card that we care about so see if you can manage to sign off from Facebook for a minute and let’s get it on!


Middleweight Title Fight: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman
Not much to say about the champ. Anderson Silva has been unbeatable. 16 straight UFC wins and 10 title defenses as Middleweight Champion say it all. The previous record for consecutive wins in the octagon was 9 and and previous record for title defenses was 6. This guy is so good, 4 of the guys he fought tested positive for illegal substances after the fight and he still beat them. Silva has too many tools in his arsenal and the 38 year old seems to be a better and smarter fighter with age. Let’s call it 17 wins in a row and 11 title defenses and bring on the Jon Jones superfight! 

I got way ahead of myself with the superfight talk. Chris Weidman is the best legitimate shot in the middleweight division to finally take out the champ. But is that best good enough? Weidman’s grappling will be the key because we have seen Silva challenged at times against great grapplers (Henderson and Sonnen). Weidman is also undefeated in the UFC. At 6-0, he comes into the Silva fight with an impressive resume. The problem is, that resume does not even come close to including anyone like Anderson Silva.
Result: Silva over Weidman to retain Middleweight Title: Round 3 TKO

SFTC Prop:  What Will Be The Fight Result?  Silva wins before start of 4th Round or Any Other Result

The game plan of this fight will be for Weidman to take Silva down and ground and pound him while Silva will be looking to avoid the takedown and strike.  That can lead to alot of cat and mouse for the first round but Silva will not want to mess around by losing rounds continually if Weidman is successful in taking him down.  Again, Weidman hasn’t faced anyone of Silva’s level and Silva should be able to finish this before Round 4. (Low Streak up to W5)


Featherweight Fight: Frankie Edgar vs Charles Oliveira
With Frankie Edgar, you are going to get title fight quality. The last 3 fights for the former Lightweight Champion were all title fights. Two of them to current Lightweight Champ Benson Henderson and his last to current Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo. All 3 in decisions. Edgar wants another shot at Aldo and although Oliveira looks like a solid, young, up and coming fighter, I think Edgar will be too much for him.

Oliveira is only 23 but this will be his 9th UFC fight. His 4 wins are all by submission but I don’t think he will be able to keep the scrappy Edgar on the ground long enough to secure a submission.
Result: Edgar over Oliviera: Unanimous Decision

 SFTC Prop:  What Will Be The Fight Result?  Edgar wins by KO, TKO or DQ or Any Other Result

Egar has only 1 KO or TKO  in his last 12 fights spanning over the past 6 years.  He’s a scrapper and brawler but alot of these Featherweight and Lightweight guys don’t throw hard enough to knock someone out.  That’s not a knock on them, its just that they are fighting some pretty tough dudes!  Oliveira has twice been TKO and KO in his last 4 fights over the past 2 years.  This being a 3 round non title fight, I see Oliveira keeping Edgar off balance enough avoiding takedowns that Edgar won’t be able to get solid shots in and the fight will go to a decision.  (Low Streak up to W5)


Middleweight Fight: Roger Gracie vs Tim Kennedy
Everyone loves to see the name Gracie on a fight card. The Gracie name is legendary all over mixed martial arts with Royce Gracie being the winner of 3 of the first 4 original tournament style Ultimate Fighting Championships. That is how Roger can get on the main event card for his first UFC. It does come with some street cred though. He is 6-1 in MMA and is a legendary 65-7 in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling matches. His only MMA loss is due to knockout which is exactly what you need to do to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master.

Tim Kennedy will be looking to do just that. I’m sure the former Army Ranger does not want to battle it out on the ground against any Gracie and will look to keep the fight standing in his first UFC fight. Kennedy is competent on the ground but any Gracie is the standard of the ground game and that’s not where Kennedy will want to be.
Result: Gracie over Kennedy: Unanimous Decision

Middleweight Fight: Mark Munoz vs Tim Boetsch
Munoz has had a bit of up and down in the UFC. Sometimes he looks unbeatable and other times he looks like he doesn’t even belong in the octagon. The former NCAA Wrestling Champion has lately worked on his strikes and could be coming back to that contender that people thought him to be. His ground and pound is vicious and that is his goal but a fighter like Boetsch can handle himself on the ground so his work on his striking could be his advantage.

Boetsch also has showed signs of good and bad in the UFC. Also a great wrestler, he is also extremely strong and can fight well on the inside. This fight has a chance to be fight of the night and knockout of the night with two fighters looking to prove they not just belong but are here to contend.
Result: Munoz over Boetsch: Round 3 TKO

Featherweight Fight: Cub Swanson vs Dennis Siver
Cub Swanson has been groomed by some of the best UFC trainers to be a great fighter. He made quite a name for himself when he first started in MMA but not in the way he would have wanted. His first 2 marquee fights were over in just 43 seconds…combined! Swanson has come back with a vengeance and he looks to re-establish the fact that he can contend in the UFC. A 4 fight win streak with 3 by KO or TKO, he has shown he is one of the most dynamic young fighters in the Featherweight Division.

Dennis Siver was powerful as a lightweight and has continued to show that power in the lighter Featherweight Division. He has won 6 of his last 7 UFC fights and 5 of them were by decision showing he can scrap and continue to scrap the whole time. He is known for his counter striking but can also pack a punch. The 34 year old is a UFC veteran and knows what to do to win but I don’t think he can match the intensity that Swanson will bring.
Result: Swanson over Siver: Unanimous Decision


UFC 162 Betting Preview
Anderson Silva (-230) vs. Chris Weidman (+190)
Cub Swanson (-230) vs. Dennis Siver (+190)
Frankie Edgar (-550) vs. Charles Oliveira (+425)
Tim Kennedy (-150) vs. Roger Gracie (+130)
Mark Munoz (-130) vs. Tim Boetsch (+110)

You can always put some money on Chris Weidman at +190 and pray for rain just like the last 16 people have when betting against Anderson Silva. I would look more toward Siver or Kennedy for some value. Siver is known for his counter striking. He trains that way. For that reason, he can throw off Swanson’s attack enough to frustrate him and land some shots to do the damage needed to win the fight. The Kennedy/Gracie match is simple. If Gracie gets Kennedy down, its probably near over, but if Kennedy can keep from getting taken down, then I see Kennedy with a shot to win and possibly from a sneaky knockout. Munoz and Boetsch looks to be an even fight between two fighters of similar styles, but Munoz has struggled in the past partly due to injuries and a healthy Mark Munoz is a force waiting to happen and some value at near even odds. Take a look at those 3 or pray for rain with Weidman to help pay for your Pay Per View…Good luck and enjoy the fights!

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