Super Bowl Props – Omaha, Gatorade and more!

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Super Bowl Props – Omaha, Gatorade and more!

Super Bowl Sunday. The final game of the NFL season, and for some of us, the last day before 6 long, interminable months without football. What better way to celebrate than gambling on Super Bowl props?

Without question, the game with the highest volume of sportsbetting, mostly from casual bettors. Mainly because you don’t need to know a ton about football to put money on the Super Bowl. From the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach to the length of the anthem, to whether or not one of the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be shirtless during the halftime show (duh), there’s Super Bowl props for everyone. We’ll start with some football-centric props and slowly degenerate into more and more ridiculous bets.

To get the “boring” bets out of the way, I like Seattle +3, and if you read my last column I’m taking the over but not by much and not for a lot of money.

And please, don’t bet the coin toss, even at -101. It’s the one time you’re definitely giving your money away on a 50/50 bet.

MVP: Peyton Manning 11/10, Russell Wilson 15/4, Marshawn Lynch 4/1, Knowshon Moreno 20/1, Richard Sherman 20/1

In the interest of space, I won’t be listing everyone past 20/1, but just know that the receivers on each team and other defensive players range from 28/1 to 150/1. In the last 15 years, the MVP has only been a non-QB five times (Ray Lewis 2001, Dexter Jackson 2003, Deion Branch 2005, Hines Ward 2006 and Santonio Holmes in 2009). If you think Denver wins, getting nearly even money on Manning is the move. If you think Seattle is going to win, you may be better off betting Russell Wilson at almost 4 to 1. If Seattle is going to beat Denver, Wilson will need to make at least one or two big plays. I think Marshawn Lynch will be great, but not MVP-caliber and I don’t think those odds are high enough. If you’re looking to gamble, guys like Moreno and Sherman are for you. If I’m sticking to my story, I’m taking Russell Wilson at 15/4.

Total TD Passes – Peyton Manning: OVER 2 (-125)

I’m a little skeptical of this one. You can get over 1.5 for -225, or you can stick with over 2 and keep the push in mind. This bet would at least push in every game this year except one, and would’ve won outright in 11 of Manning’s 18 games this year. Yes, Seattle is a good defense, but this is good value for the best player on the field. I don’t see any way Denver could win with only one passing TD from Manning.

Will Marshawn Lynch score a TD?: YES (-165)

Lynch had 12 TDs in 16 regular season games and 3 in two post season games so far. Denver has been better against the run lately, but Marshawn Lynch is having a fantastic year. Denver allowed rushing TDs in 12 of their 16 games this year, and one to Tom Brady in the AFC championship game. This seems fairly safe.

Total Receiving Yards – Julius Thomas: UNDER 53.5 (-120)

Julius Thomas eclipsed 53.5 yards four times in his 14 regular season games. He’s done it in both postseason games, but that was against two teams that struggle against receiving TEs. Seattle only allowed more than 53 yards to opposing Tight Ends in 7 of 16 games, and at certain books you can get the line higher. This is the best secondary Thomas will have played against all year.

Now, let’s have some fun…

Renee Fleming – Time to sing the National Anthem: UNDER 140 seconds (-160)

This worries me, because there’s no footage of the only time Fleming has sang the anthem in public, game 2 of the 2003 World Series. Previous anthem times have been under 2:20 other than last year when Alicia Keys went 2:35. It’s going to be close, she’s an opera singer and it just seems like every year the next singer tries to outdo the year before. I think she’ll have a different type of attitude about the song and just sing it straight up.

Knowshon Moreno has a tear on his cheek during the Anthem: YES (+166)

Knowshon’s river of tears during the anthem in the regular season was a widely-seen clip, so I’m sure cameras will be looking for him again. It’s the biggest game of the year, and it’s a big moment. Don’t break the bank on this one, but +166 is a good price.

What will be mentioned more, Denver being the ‘best offense’ or Seattle being the ‘best defense’: DENVER (-120)

The fans love offense, it’s simple as that. It’s easier to quantify Denver being the best after they broke scoring records, and in the most-watched game of the year, that’s easier to sell. It’s a weaker selling point to explain Seattle allowing the fewest yards per game and/or fewest points per game.

Color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning Head Coach: ORANGE 5/4

I don’t have any real reasoning behind this, and I don’t know why it’s such a heavy favorite over Clear (11/4) or Yellow (15/4). I know that I predicted orange when the Saints and Packers won recently and I was right. Team colors really don’t matter here. It’s never been red, blue or green so don’t get cute.

How many times will Peyton Manning say ‘Omaha’ in the game: OVER 27.5 (-150)

Sometimes more than once per snap and Manning will be under center for at least 65-70 snaps if not more. I bet this gets hit by halftime.

I’d also like to say, thanks to everyone for reading my football columns this season. You can look forward to the next one sometime around July once training camp rolls around. Until then, go Bruins!


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