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In addition to my weekly feature entitled Streak Journal, I thought it would be beneficial to take a look at rumors that could have a direct effect on ESPN’s Streak for the Cash props.

Welcome to the Streak Rumor Mill which more specifically examines big stories swirling around the world of sports and their speculated impact on the game of Streak for the Cash.

This week I focus on college basketball because it’s been quite frankly brutal to predict this month and it’s not going anywhere as we head to conference tournaments and March Madness.

Here’s what is milling around this week:

– Oklahoma State basketball coach, Travis Ford, seemed all kind of lost when he was asked about the absence of Marcus Smart in a 87-68 loss at Texas, “He wasn’t here [Tuesday night]. We’ve got to play with what we’ve got. We can’t get caught up in any of that. I don’t really even want to talk about it. It doesn’t do us any good. This team has to form its own identity and get out there and play.” (courtesy of the Oklahoman)

Streak Reaction: The Streakmaster is very smart, so watch for him to try to figure out a way to give Oklahoma State a better chance with upcoming games against Oklahoma (host on Saturday) and at Baylor (Monday) without star point guard Marcus Smart. The straight up game against Texas was surely a gift and you would be foolish to think it will happen again. The Cowboys have lost five straight games and realistically will end up on the winning side of some streak props.

– Kansas freshman center, Joel Embiid, will most likely receive some rest after tweaking his knee in an overtime loss to Kansas State. Embiid averages 10.7 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2.5 blocks for the #7 ranked Jayhawks.

Streak Reaction: The Jayhawks have a couple of automatic wins versus TCU (Saturday) and at Texas Tech (Tuesday) coming up on the schedule. The streakmaster will probably put up +15 or even +20 on these match-ups. Against TCU, it would still be a worthy pick because they are terrible. Texas Tech on the other hand is a decent shooting team and would benefit from Embiid sitting out, so be careful on that one if that turns out to be the case.

– To divert away from the Big 12 for a second, Syracuse’s freshman Tyler Ennis is making it almost impossible to pick against Syracuse on streak ever again. Just check out this game-winner against Pittsburgh if you don’t believe me.

Streak Reaction: Just when the Streakmaster was going to celebrate another 90%+ in the red, Ennis goes and hits a DEEP three to give the Orange a statement win on the road at Pitt. Vegas had the Panthers favored and it didn’t matter, so it’s almost gotten to the point where you should always take Syracuse on this destiny season. Look for the Streakmaster to get revenge when they host North Carolina State on Saturday.

Do you have any input on college basketball which has become more and more frustrating to pick as the month of February has gone on? Let me know by commenting below.



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