Streak Journal: Streakers starting to fall behind Vegas on NBA Props

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Welcome to the seventh installment of my newest weekly feature. The Streak Journal will analyze a group of specific Streak for the Cash (SFTC) props from the previous week.

The purpose of this new journal is to provide streakers with a unique perspective of the props picked by ESPN’s Streakmaster and give you the straight statistics which will hopefully provide some insight to help you build a longer streak.

First Week: Beware of the NBA’s back-to-backs (Jan. 20th-26th)
Second Week: Is March Madness here early (Jan. 27th-Feb. 2nd)
Third Week: Heavy favorites are no sure thing in NHL props (Feb. 3rd-Feb. 9th)
Fourth Week: No such thing as a 99% curse on Streak for the Cash (Feb. 10th-Feb.16th)
Fifth Week: Vegas owned college basketball on SFTC this past week (Feb. 17th -23rd)
Sixth Week: NBA could be the most predictable on SFTC (Feb. 24th – Mar. 2nd)

This week (Monday, March 3rd through Sunday, March 9th), I continued to focus on straight up NBA match-ups because I want to build a larger sample size in order to make see if we can come up with some better risk analysis in regards to NBA props. We had 23 match-ups the first week and oddly enough another 23 for the second week. Here’s where we stand so far:

Terminology Key
Vegas Favorite/Underdog  – Lines obtained from 5dimes to determine favorite in match-ups
Streak Favorite/Underdog – Determined by the percentage chosen on each team as the prop locked up
Better Record – The team with more wins and less losses during the prop.

*These statistics are based on 46 straight-up NBA props on ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. I can’t guarantee that this sample size will represent the entire population of future props.

STRAIGHT BUT SIMPLE NUMBERS (Don’t Pick Only on These Parameters)

Home Team 25-21
Away Team 21-25
Vegas Favorite 34-12
Vegas Underdog 12-34
Streak Favorite 24-22
Streak Underdog 22-24
Better Record 23-22
Worse Record 22-23


After an impressive 10-0 on “HOT” and “WARMER” props the first week, Streakers went the opposite direction this week with 1-6 record in “HOT” and “WARMER” props. Vegas went 2-5 on these same props, so it could be that the Streakmaster was a lot better at picking props that appear to be one-sided, but are not at all. Vegas is still killing it and you’re a lot better off by picking the Vegas favorite that’s an astounding 34-12 over the last two weeks.


Seeing that Vegas has went 34-12 on the 46 props selected for SFTC, the best thing to examine going forward is their lines and how it can help us better predict match-ups.. Here’s how it’s been over the past two weeks:

(-100 to -149) 15-7
(-150 to -199) 13-5
(-200 to -299) 5-0
(-300+) 1-0

After having a shocking five games over -200 last week, the Streakmaster wised up and put only one this week. And sure enough, the T-Wolves (-215) came through against the lowly Nuggets but not without a late surge that put some scare in to streakers.


The hardest part about playing SFTC is preserving a streak by not making a pick. We become so addicted to the game that we feel we have to make a pick everyday. However, the NBA is a sport that should be used to every streakers advantage because it’s not completely random and filled with upsets. Pick your spot and remember the four things to look at: (1) Moneyline (2) Recent Record (3) Injury Reports (4) Back-to-Back Analysis

Next week, we’ll continue are research with the NBA, so that we can go in to the tail-end of the NBA Season and the NBA Playoffs with a good feeling about the props.

Is this analysis helping you at all? Please let me know by shooting me an email at because I’m always in the mood to discuss Streak For the Cash!



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