Possible LeBron James Destinations

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Possible LeBron James Destinations

The best player in the NBA is possibly headed for free agency should he opt out of his contract. Should that happen, mass chaos would ensue throughout the NBA with teams making many moves to get under the cap limit. Many think he will remain in Miami, but should he opt out, here are my Top 3 locations for where LeBron may end up:


Houston Rockets

Houston’s defense would go from bad to good instantly with a LeBron James signing, and would likely make them the favorites in the West, even over the champion Spurs. With Chandler Parsons out of the picture and a couple pay cuts, it is very possible to attract LeBron to join forces with James Harden and Dwight Howard, a Big 3 that may even be better than the original. If Houston cannot lure in Carmelo Anthony, James could very easily be headed to Houston.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have to be considered a favorite with Pau Gasol and Steve Nash coming off the books, which will free up a large amount of money. LeBron and Kobe together would definitely be fun to watch for a season or two, and when Kobe’s contract expires, the Lakers could have even more money to surround James with a nice core of talent. Can never rule out the perks of living in LA with this nice weather and big time market. I could definitely see this happening if the proper moves are made.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Wouldn’t this be something. The Cavs have a very nice core of young talent and will add another piece with the top overall pick in this years draft. A LeBron homecoming would be quite the site to see, but pair him with Kyrie Irving and potentially a Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins, and you have the makings of a team that could be great for years to come. I really would be surprised if this happened, but it’s fun to imagine.

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