October 24, 2018 SFTC PICKS

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My Personal SFTC Record (Majority as a monthly wins player): 11,505-8,748 (.568)
Personal September SFTC Record (Felixgodnandez – monthly player): 105-92
Overall Site Picks Record:17,573-12,478 (.584)
September Overall Record: 0-0
Overall Bold Picks Record: 1015-287 (.781) Considering my bold threshold is probably 70%ish+ picks, I’ll take it.
September Bold Picks Record: 13-5

1. Edmund – Not confident here, but he just won in Antwerp in a small tourney and got to the Semis in Vienna last year.  Last h2h is a bit concerning, but I’m not reading much into it.  Losing that badly tells me Edmund probably wasn’t all there that day.
2. PSV
3. Monaco
4. Inter Milan
5. Yes
6. No
7. Islanders
8. Jets
9. Mavs
10. Cavs
11. Red Sox
12. Dodgers Hits
13. Hornets
14. Rockets
15. No HR
16. Bucks
17. Avs
18. Vegas
19. Suns
20. Kings

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