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Nick Grays HeadshotWriter/Reporter/Blogger at The Sports Bank, RotoWire and 27InARow. A University of Wisconsin grad (class of 2010) who is obsessed with the Big Ten and all Wisconsin sports teams. One of his goals in life is to win ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. Follow him on Twitter or visit his personal blog Nick Knows Best.




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  • Hey Nick, I read your “Streak Journal: MLB Picks will be the death of
    me.” Was good. I like the idea of combining several different factors. I
    have a couple suggestions of things you could include in your research.
    Whoever has the better OPS matchup when you look at batter vs pitcher
    history. I can give you a good site suggestion to make this easier if
    you need. Also ESPN RPI Rankings. Another thing you could try is
    starting pitchers WHIP instead of ERA. Or if you could do total team ERA
    so you can include the bullpen.
    – KobeBB

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