Mr. Whammy is a Finalist for ESPN 2014 Fan Hall of Fame

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Sports have its various Hall of Fames to honor and recognize its great athletes. So, why not have one for the fans who pour every ounce of their being, not to mention money, into the sports they love?

Well, ESPN has one, and New York City lawyer Bruce Reznick, the self-proclaimed #1 Brooklyn Nets fan (stated on the tremendous sign outside his office), is a finalist for the second consecutive year.

Bruce Reznick displays his double-handed Whammy at his office that he claims has cost the opposition over 1,000 points at Nets game he has attended over 18 years.

Reznick, whom announcer Ian Eagle nick named Mr. Whammy for his pointer and pinkie double-handed motion and verbal jinx tirade directed at opposing foul shooters, isn’t overly concerned about being inducted. He’s just honored to be nominated again, and said meeting perspective friendly voters was more than enough for him.

“There only 10 finalist each year. I don’t expect to win,” said Reznick, who has been practicing law for over 50 years. “It’s not important whether I win or lose. I have had the pleasure of meeting people who I’ve asked to vote (for me).”

The 78-year-old former Brooklyn Dodgers fan has been a Nets fan for 18 years, dating back to their days in New Jersey. It was a friend of his who was a season ticket holder and invited Reznick to a few of the games. The experience captivated him, and he’s been a diehard fan ever since.

The esteemed barrister truly believes his hex works. Though he doesn’t keep exact stats, Reznick says that he’s cost the Nets’ adversaries over 1000 points during his time at Nets games.

“There is no other fan in sports that can say that,” claims Reznick, who works his magic from directly behind the basket, clad in his custom-made Nets Jersey bestowed to him by the organization, over a signature red shirt. “I guess they didn’t have the opportunity.”

Things began simple enough: yelling at the other team, just like most other supporters do during home tilts. But it grew into today’s bedeviled whammy, with secrets to his success he wouldn’t divulge.

He said he’s been shutout just once in 18 years, a record most people would love to boast. However, his wife Judy (nick named Mrs. Whammy, of course) of over 50 years keeps everything thing in perspective for him.

“I have an impact on the game,” he said. “But my wife says she rather me have no points if we win the game. But I’ll keep trying.”

Judy also said that he deserving of the nod because of the unbridled Brooklyn passion that he displays for their squad.

Mr. Whammy fashions the custom-made Brooklyn Nets jersey, given to him by the franchise.

“He’s an actual fan,” the soft spoken former Floridian emphasized. “When I married him, I knew I was marrying a Brooklyn guy.”


While both are equivalently dedicated their Brooklyn boys, she roots on the team in a different manner.

“I’m equally as passionate, but I don’t jump around as much,” she said. “I was brought up to be lady-like.”

(Please note: voting concluded on Wednesday, December 10, as ESPN is tallying ballots at the moment to determine inductees).


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