May 5, 2013

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1. Liverpool (Low Streak)
2. Chelsea (Low Streak)

3. Penguins (Low Streak/Confident): The Penguins are -163 on the road, which tells you how big favorites they really are in this series.  I thought they would win this series in 5 games, which still could happen.  The Islanders were able to steal game 2 on the road, but I doubt they can win 2 in a row against the mighty Penguins.  They do have a lot of heart though and won’t go down easy.

4. Grizzlies (Low Streak): I’ll start by saying I think Memphis has a really good shot at winning this series.  They are actually favored in the series, so that isn’t really that bold of a prediction.  However, the Thunder are home and favored by 3 points in game 1.  I think Memphis wins 1 of 2 in OKC, but I don’t know if it will be game 1 or 2.  The betting value is on Memphis here, but the SFTC pick is on the Thunder.  On second thought, let’s go Memphis here.

5. Yankees (Low Streak)
6. Indians (Low Streak)
7. Blue Jays (Low Streak/Confident)
8. Chevrolet (Low Streak)
9. Nationals (Low Streak)
10. Cardinals (Low Streak)
11. Royals (Low Streak)
12. Reds (Low Streak/Confident)
13. Rangers (Low Streak)

14. Blackhawks (Low Streak): The Blackhawks are up 2-0 in this series and are favored at -156. I’m treating this series similarly to the Penguins series in that I’ll just pick the huge favorite to win each game.  This series should go 4-5 games.

15. Angels (Low Streak)

16.  Pacers (Low Streak): I think the Pacers win this series, despite being +170 to do so.  I will be personally betting on the Pacers at that value.  Just like in the Thunder game, the betting value here is on Indiana.  NYK are -5.5 in this game and is probably the smarter pick here.  I’m going Indiana though.

17. Diamondbacks (Low Streak)
18. Rockies (Low Streak)
19. Chivas (Low Streak)

20. Senators (Low Streak): The Senators are -133 at home in game 3 with the series tied at 1-1.  The Senators were a strong home team throughout the season with a 15-6-3 record.  

21. Giants (Low Streak): The Giants are -137 at home against Ryu and the Dodgers.  Cain has a 6.49 era this season, which is obviously not something we are used to seeing.  He shut down the Dodgers once already this season, which is encouraging for him to possible get back on track.  Ryu has been a great pickup for the Dodgers so far this season as he has a 3-1 record and 3.35 era.  He is coming off a 12 strikeout performance in a win against the Rockies.  The Giants have won 4 straight games, while the Dodgers have lost 2 straight.

22. Dodgers HIts/Tie (Low Streak): Matt Cain has really struggled this season, though his best start of the year came at LA this season.  He threw 6 innings, allowed 4 hits, and struck out 8 in his first start of the season against them.  Since then he has struggled big time and now has a 6.49 era.  He has 32 strikeouts in 34.2 innings and has allowed 35 hits in 34.2 innings.  With the way Cain has struggled, I’d lean Dodgers hits here with the tie option.

23. 4 Hits/More (Subject to Change): At his point in the game hitters have seen the starting pitcher a couple of times already, which is an advantage to the hitters.  I would check to see where in the order each team is at prior to the 5th inning and also how effective each starting pitcher has been up until this point.

24. Sharks (Low Streak/Confident): The Sharks have a commanding 2-0 lead after taking both games on the road.  They are now home, where they were 17-2-5 during the regular season.  Niemi is playing great in net for San Jose, just as he did all year long.  At home I see no reason not to take the Sharks.

25. 16 Pitches/More (Low Streak): I’ve never seen a prop like this on SFTC.  The Giants have a one of the top bullpens in baseball, but they have a 1.41 WHIP in the 8th inning this season.  Unless this is a 1-2-3 inning, there is a good shot at 16+ pitches hitting.

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