May 2nd Picks

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We are working on the finishing touches for the site…It should be launched in the next day or 2…Once the site is launched I will just about always have full write-ups..Until then, here are my picks.

Added Pick: Syracuse 2+

1. Fowler (Low Streak)
2. McIlroy (Low Streak)
3. Cubs (Low Streak/Confident)
4. Benfica (Low Streak)
5. Basel (Low Streak)
6. Yes Chelsea Lead (Low Streak)
7. No Basel Goal (subject to change)
8. Canadiens (Low Streak)
9. Blue Jays (Low Streak)
10. Braves (Confident)
11. Capitals (Low Streak)
12. Rangers (Low Streak)
13. Cardinals (Low Streak)
14. Bulls (Low Streak)
15. Nets 2Q
16. Blues (Low Streak)
17. 3/More (Low Streak/Confident)
18. Ducks (Low Streak)
19. Orioles (Low Streak)
20. Nuggets (Low Streak)

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