May 26, 2013 SFTC PICKS

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Just a heads up….These picks were made with very limited research, which is extremely rare for me.  I will likely not be able to post picks for Monday, May 27th, but you can expect them to resume Tuesday, May 28th.

1. AOR (Low Streak)

2. Lazio (Low Streak)

3. AOR-UAB (Low Streak)

4. Notre Dame (Low Streak)

5. AOD (Low Streak)

6. Orioles (Low Streak)

7. Red Sox (Low Streak)

8. Rays (Low Streak)

9. Kuchar/Every/Stroud (Low Streak)

10. Angels (Low Streak)

11. Brewers (Low Streak)

12. St. Etienne (Low Streak)

13. Dynamo (Low Streak)

14. Dodgers (Low Streak)

15. Mariners (Low Streak)

16. Vanderbilt (Low Streak)

17. Arizona State (Low Streak)

18. Braves (Low Streak)

19. Sharks (Low Streak)

20. Any Other Out (Confident)

21. Yes Double Play (Low Streak)

22. Heat (Low Streak)

23. Any Other Number

24 Sounders (Low Streak)

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