Marshawn Lynch May Be Dealt Fine for Beast Mode Cap

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Marshawn Lynch May Be Dealt Fine for Beast Mode Cap

All Seattle Seahawk star running back Marshawn Lynch wanted to do on Super Bowl Media Day on Wednesday was avoid getting fined, again.


Marshawn Lynch on Super Bowl Media Day

It looks like, although he did the minimum required press time, the NFL may punish him anyway.

Lynch wore a “Beast Mode” hat, which is his nickname. Players are not permitted to wear brands that clash with league partners on the gridiron, during postgame press conferences and at league events, such as Super Bowl Media Day.

Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode Hat, which is causing a stir.

This shouldn’t be an issue because the hat, which sold out online, is made by New Era, an actual approved NFL sponsor, according to Lynch’s longtime agent, Doug Henderson. The league is looking into the matter and a verdict will be delivered after the Super Bowl.

Moreover, the way I see it, whether you like Lynch or not, can’t he make a little extra money without being hassled? Sure, he already has enough, but the playing life of a NFLer isn’t that long. So earning a little extra cash for a rainy day without doing any wrong should be his right, right?

The fact is, the NFL, which rakes in billions a year, is a non-profit, and isn’t required to pay taxes. So why does it have to go and play spoil sport? Probably because it thought it wasn’t getting a cut of the action. Therefore, someone has to suffer in the end.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who made 41 million last year, mind you, should be more worried about repairing the league’s reputation than minor matters such as whose wearing non-approved apparel at league events.

Deflate-Gate, anyone? But I digress.



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