March 4, 2014 SFTC PICKS

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My Personal SFTC Record (Majority as a monthly wins player): 4,311-3,397 (.559)
Personal March SFTC Record (Felixgodnandez – monthly player): 14-8
Overall Site Picks Record: 8,067-5,981 (.572)
Overall Pick of the Day Record: 202-90 (.690)
March Overall Record: 44-28
March Stash Path Record: 9-1 (Estimating 65-70% lifetime)

Stash Path
1. No 10+
2. Jets


1. Tractor Chelyabinsk (Low Streak): The odds for this matchup is about dead even.  Bars Kazan is in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference with 98 points and a +30 goal differential.  On the road they have 15 wins, 11 losses, and a +2 goal differential.  Tractor Chelyabinsk is in 9th place in the Eastern Conference with 74 points and a -21 goal differential.  At home, they have 13 wins, 13 losses, and a -7 goal differential.  Bars won the most recent matchup in a shootout, while Tractor won the previous 3 meetings. Bars Kazan typically has low scoring games and I expect a similar type of game here.  I’m going with Tractor 2-1 at home to continue the recent struggle for Bars.

2. Rotherham United (Low Streak)

3. Dijon (Low Streak)

4. Temple (Low Streak)

5. Michigan (Low Streak)

6. No 10+ (Low Streak/Confident)

7. Baylor (Low Streak)

8. Creighton (Low Streak)

9. AOR- South Carolina (Low Streak)

10. Blue Jackets (Low Streak)

11. Devils (Low Streak)

12. Blackhawks (Low Streak/Confident)

13. Penguins (Low Streak)

14. Jets (Low Streak/Confident)

15. Rockets (Low Streak)

16. Illinois Makes One 3-Pointer (Low Streak)

17. Florida State (Low Streak)

18. AOR-Alabama (Low Streak)

19. Clippers (Low Streak)

20. Coyotes (Low Streak)

21. Providence (Low Streak)

22. Senators (Low Streak)

23. Lakers (Low Streak)

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