June 24, 2014 SFTC PICKS

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My Personal SFTC Record (Majority as a monthly wins player): 4,720-3,755 (.557)
Personal June SFTC Record (Felixgodnandez – monthly player): 90-72
Overall Site Picks Record: 8,956-6,698 (.573)
Overall Pick of the Day Record: 206-91 (.694)
June Overall Record: 157-140
June Stash Path Record (Estimating 65-70% lifetime): 7-10
June Recommended Picks Record: 34-20

Stash Path
1. Uruguay
2. Giants

Recommended Picks
1. 1 or 2 Goals
2. Dodgers


1. 18 Games (Low Streak)

2. Uruguay (Low Streak)

3. Costa Rica (Low Streak)

4. Uruguay vs Italy (Low Streak)

5. No 3 Games (Low Streak)

6. 1 or 2 Goals (Low Streak)

7. Colombia (Low Streak)

8. Ivory Coast (Low Streak)

9. Blue Jays (Low Streak)

10. Rays (Low Streak)

11. Cubs (Low Streak)

12. Virginia (Low Streak)

13. Brewers (Low Streak)

14. Dodgers (Low Streak)

15. Braves (Low Streak)

16. Diamondbacks (Low Streak)

17. Mariners (Low Streak)

18. Giants (Low Streak/Confident)

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