June 12, 2013 SFTC PICKS

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Hey guys…So I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  I will seriously attempt to have full write-ups on most props almost every day.  I know some of you want to know why I’m picking certain props, rather than just see my confidence levels.  I fully get that and I will provide the info necessary for you to trust my picks.  I promise to have write-ups for each prop tomorrow.  I want to provide a positive experience for all of you and I hope I can do better than I have in that regard.  Please keep in mind that I do have a full-time job outside of this.  Thanks and good luck.

My Personal SFTC Record (Majority as a monthly wins player): 3,378-2,619 (.563)
Overall Site Picks Record: 5,976-4,486 (.572)
Overall Pick of the Day Record: 185-84 (.687)
June Overall Record: 109-108 (awful, I know)
June Stash Path Record: 15-3
June Recommended Picks Record: 32-17
June Pick of the Day Record: 8-2
Personal June SFTC Record: 36-39-1 (losses inflated due to forfeit button usage)

Stash Path
1. N/A (nothing really sticks out today, but will update if something changes)

Recommended Picks
1. Malawi
2. Cardinals
3. Fever

Weak Picks to Avoid
1. Ivory Coast/Ghana
2. Braves/Padres
3. Bruins/Blackhawks
4. Diamondbacks/Dodgers
5. Rowdies/Timbers

1. Malawi (Low Streak): Kenya is missing a bunch of players, including their goalie and they are already eliminated.  Malawi is -164.

2. Ivory Coast (Low Streak)

3. Netherlands (Low Streak)

4. Orioles (Low Streak)

5. Tigers (Low Streak)

6. Any Other Result (Low Streak)

7. Braves (Low Streak)

8. Brewers (Low Streak)

9. Cardinals (Low Streak/Confident)

10. Red Sox (Low Streak)

11. Red Bulls (Low Streak)

12. Rangers (Low Streak)

13. Fever (Low Streak/Confident)

14. Twins (Low Streak)

15. Blackhawks (Low Streak)

16. Total Power Plays (Low Streak)

17. Any Other Number (Low Streak)

18. Athletics (Low Streak)

19. Diamondbacks (Low Streak): Arizona is 12-0 in Corbin’s starts this season.

20. Tampa Bay Rowdies (Low Streak)

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