Heather Hardy’s Accidental Head-butt Leads to No Contest Ruling

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Heather Hardy’s Accidental Head-butt Leads to No Contest Ruling

Heather “The Heat” Hardy wanted to make an impact in her junior featherweight fight against Renata Domsodi (11-6, 4 KOs) on the Premier Boxing Champions card at the Barclays Center on Saturday night. And for almost three rounds, Hardy was, as she relentlessly stalked her opponent, and punished her with precise punches.

Hardy’s corner believed she was beating Domsodi as the third round neared a close. But she ducked to avoid a punch, and wound up inadvertently head-butting her adversary above the right eye.

The incident caused a gash, and the Hungarian began to bleed profusely. Subsequently, the referee was forced to stop the bout at the 1:57 mark of the round and ruled it a no contest since the match didn’t enter the fourth round, where the fight could have to the scorecards.

To say the least, Hardy left the ring with a great sense of dissatisfaction.

“It was really disappointing. I was in total control of all the rounds of the fight,” the Gerritsen Beach native said after the bout. “I felt like I had her to the point where she going down, and then the head-butt. I had ten seconds to finish the round, and she quit.”

Hardy not only has to worry about preparing for  fights, but the 33-year-old pugilist has the responsibility of promoting herself, selling tickets, and making various arrangements for her ten-year-old daughter. It’s all part of being a female boxer in a male dominated sport.

So, when there’s an outcome just like the one on Saturday, especially after she covered all her bases, inside and outside the ring, she couldn’t help but feel a little dejected.

“It’s not just training for the fight, but selling the tickets, making the weight and making accommodations for my daughter,” Hardy explained. “So, when it comes down to knowing that everything I did was right, what can I say?

Through all the letdown, Hardy’s undefeated record of 12-0 (2KOs) remains intact, and she retains her UBF Inter-Continental Super Bantamweight Title.

Asked what’s next for her, Hardy replied, “We go for whatever my promoter has in store for me for the next round. I will be back in the gym probably tomorrow.”

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