Heather Hardy TKOs Opponent In Rematch At The Barclays To Remain Undefeated

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Heather Hardy TKOs Opponent In Rematch At The Barclays To Remain Undefeated

Heather “The Heat” Hardy didn’t feel Renata Domsodi (12-6, 4 KOs) deserved another shot at her World Boxing Council (WBC) super-bantamweight title after their April bout at the Barclays Center ended in a no-contest. Hardy was on the verge of beating her, she believed, before her accidental head-butt ended their fight in the closing seconds of the third round.

But there she was again Saturday night, taking on the same adversary at the same arena. This time, the Brooklyn native made sure there wouldn’t be a reoccurrence, carefully moving in to avoid any head contact. Hardy’s initial cautious approach didn’t prevent her from executing her offensive attack, as she willfully pounded her way to a TKO victory in the first second of the seventh round.

“We worked a lot at keeping my distance, mimicking her footwork, and not letting her rush in with her face so much,” Hardy told reporters after the fight. “So, I was super aware where her head was.”

Although conscious of possibly bumping heads, Hardy (14-0, 3 KOs) came out aggressively, pressing forward in the first round, intent on making a statement, and finally putting her opponent to bed.

Heather Hardy and Photographer/friend.

Heather Hardy and Photographer/friend.

The five-foot-five 33-year-old’s assault continued in the second round, targeting, and successfully landing, any open spots Domsodi failed to cover up.

Unfortunately for the Hungarian, one of the exposed areas included her unsuspecting face, which Hardy pummeled over the course of the bout, causing it to welt up badly after relentlessly attacking it.

“Her face was open quite a bit,” she said. “Her face was a mess. It looked like an unmade bed.”

The fight ended mercifully when the referee stopped the action due to the swelling of one of Domsodi’s eyes, limiting her vision.

Boxing at the arena for the fourth time in her career, the Barclays Center has become another home for the affable Hardy. The dynamic pugilist always relishes the opportunity to showcase her talents in front of her hometown fans in an effort to bring more interest to women’s boxing.

“The first time I fought here, I didn’t sleep for a week when I heard it,” Hardy recalled of the excitement she first felt. “I still get that feeling when I’m here. There’s no place I rather be than fighting right here at home.

“I think I’m making some noise, getting the attention of some people who might have not been looking toward at women’s boxing before,” she added. “So, I think every fight, every time I get a little bit more exposure, it’s a step in the right direction.”


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