Heather Hardy Remains Undefeated With Eight-Round Split Decision Win Over Noemi Bosques

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Heather Hardy Remains Undefeated With Eight-Round Split Decision Win Over Noemi Bosques

After her last fight at the Barclays in April, in which a no-contest ruling was handed down, Heather “The Heat” Hardy left the arena with a feeling of unfinished business. Considered that business taken care of, as the Brooklyn native defeated Noemi Bosques (8-3-2 KOs) in an eight-round split decision at the Barclays Center Friday night, leaving her unbeaten record intact, and her with a feeling of jubilation.

“I am so happy right now, I don’t know that I’m even answering the questions right,” Hardy said to reporters with a laugh. “I feel like a made a statement (in the fight). I feel really good about that.”

The judges’ scorecards read 77-75, 77-75 and 79-73 in favor of Hardy (13-0, 2 KOs).

Hardy pressed on early in the fight, using her jab and hard body shots to keep Bosques from establishing any true momentum, with help from Hector Rocca, legendary celebrity trainer, who was sitting near ringside in the audience.

“I could hear Hector Roca from the front row, screaming, ‘body, body.’ So it was just clicking,” the super bantamweight said.

Hardy, 33, also credited her overall superb fitness level, which yielded a relentless, in-your-face approach, for helping her defeat the Florida native.

“I think my conditioning is always one of the upper hands I have,” she said. “A lot of my sparing partners have said that it looks real easy to fight me, until you go in there, and you got someone in your face, that just doesn’t back down every second of the fight.”

Heather Hardy shadow boxing.

Heather Hardy shadow boxing in preparation for her fight versus Noemi Bosques.

Devon Cormack, Hardy’s boxing trainer and former World Champion Kickboxer, said they emphasize the physical conditioning aspect of her training, bringing in a fitness expert to help her get in tiptop shape for her bouts.

“We have a special guy, Tony Ricci, who is her conditioning coach,” Cormack explained. “We stressed getting in shape. I used to fight, and I was the energizer. I know how much it pays off if your opponents can’t keep up with you. You might start out at the same level, but your conditioning keeps you closer to that level while they drop, and it showed tonight.”

Not forgetting her introduction into the fighting world, Hardy said her unremitting tactic was something she first learned during her days kickboxing with famed Brooklyn martial artist Louis Negila.

“The more you do, the less they do,” Hardy recalled Negila saying.

Simply put, it worked.

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