February 25, 2014 SFTC PICKS

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My Personal SFTC Record (Majority as a monthly wins player): 4,282-3,378 (.559)
Personal February SFTC Record (Felixgodnandez – monthly player): 93-80
Overall Site Picks Record: 8,011-5,944 (.572)
Overall Pick of the Day Record: 201-90 (.690)
February Overall Record: 166-113
February Stash Path Record: 15-7 (Estimating 65-70% lifetime)

Stash Path
1. Suns


1. Yes 4+ Games (Low Streak): Istomin has a strong serve and can be tough to break.  Of course Djokovic is the best returner in the game…

2. Zenit (Low Streak): I’d be on Dortmund if they had their full lineup for this one.

3. Olympiakos (Low Streak)

4. Any Other Player (Low Streak)

5. No Goal (Low Streak)

6. Raptors (Low Streak)

7. Vanderbilt (Low Streak)

8. Vandy # Players (Low Streak)

9. Minnesota (Low Streak)

10. Texas Tech (Low Streak)

11. Duke (Low Streak)

12. Hurricanes (Low Streak)

13. Hawks (Low Streak)

14. Vanderbilt 10 (Low Streak): Vandy has covered this prop in their last 14 games according to someone from the main boards (I rarely look there but a good source posted it).

15. Trail Blazers (Low Streak)

16. Suns (Low Streak/Confident)

17. Wisconsin (Low Streak)

18. Wichita State (Low Streak)

19. Georgia (Low Streak)

20. Rockets (Low Streak/Confident): The Rockets are playing as well as anyone in the NBA.

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