Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team

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Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team

The 11 baseball players at each position you must get on your team during your fantasy baseball draft

Let’s be honest, you are not going to get all of these guys on your team.  If somehow you do, you’re probably playing against a group of kids like the ones in the AT&T commercials. (What’s Better: Bigger or Smaller)  Auction or Snake Draft, Live or Online Draft, you are going to be faced with some major decisions.  Should you have Lays or Pringles during the draft? Pizza or Wings? Beer or Brats?  This is the Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team, so why not bring them all!  And come on, who separates Beer and Brats anyway?  Now, when it comes to fantasy baseball, this article will help in all your draft decision making.  Be sure to click on the players name to link to their career stats. Let’s now take a look at this year’s Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team!


Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team



Fantasy Baseball Draft: Carlos Santana

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Catcher: 

Carlos Santana (Indians)

No guitar playing jokes here, 533 is the number you need to know.  No catcher has averaged more at bats over the past 3 years then Santana.  That health and consistency in the catcher position is key when deciding who to put behind the plate in your fantasy baseball draft.  In 2014, the Indians plan on using Santana more in a DH role with some 1B/3B/C sprinkled to maximize his offensive skills and that makes him an excellent choice for your fantasy catcher (or your real life catcher if you happen to own the Cleveland Indians and are reading this.)  Santana’s batting average has improved each of the past 3 years and batting in the #4 spot should also help him improve his 3 year average in offensive stats of 22HR 76 RBI and 77 runs scored.  Those numbers (and the sound of the guitar played by Carlos Santana) will be music to your ears when you win your fantasy baseball league.

First Base

Fantasy Baseball Draft: Prince Fielder

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team First Baseman:

Prince Fielder (Rangers)

I am not in the “Prince Fielder has seen his best years” category like some people are.  If players don’t hit the lights out of the ball every year, people automatically think they are in a slippery slope decline.  Honestly, that is part of the reason why I like Prince.  His value is currently low and he will be under people’s radars all across fantasy drafts.  Even with the personal life trouble that people say Prince had all year, he still had a very productive year and is someone you can depend on.  3 year averages of 500 At Bats, 300Avg, 31HR, 111RBI and 86 Runs Scored should improve in his new home with the Rangers and especially with his new, very dynamic offensive lineup.  Pick Prince and you will be the king of your fantasy baseball league!

Second Base

Fantasy Baseball Draft: Jason Kipnis, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Second Baseman:

Jason Kipnis (Indians)

Uh Oh!  2 Indians on this Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team!?  Is this starting to look more like a nightmare to you?  Second Base is typically a place where you find some speed to compliment the rest of your team.  With Kipnis, based on 2013, you are getting the 5th best power hitting Second Baseman and the 2nd best base stealer.  In just 2 full major league years, he averages 16HR, 90RBI, 30SB and 86 Runs Scored.  If drafting 2 Indians seems like a nightmare during your Fantasy Draft, wake up and smell the roses, because if you are doing a live fantasy baseball draft, Jason Kipnis will be a sweet smelling rose in what probably will be a room of smelly guys.

Third Base

Fantasy Baseball Draft: Miguel Cabrera, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Third Baseman:

Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)

Did you think I would actually list someone else? And yes, he will still qualify as a Third Baseman in most leagues so take advantage of it while you still can.  Cabrera is and has been a premier hitter since he came into the league.  At some point he will decline, but besides a groin injury at the end of last season, he has shown only excellence.  Speaking of that groin injury that made him miss some times and games.   How did that affect his stats?

Year                AVG                HR                   RBI

2012              330                 44                   139

2013              348                 44                   137

His 2013 MVP season had a better average, identical home runs and near identical, monstrous RBI totals to his legendary Triple Crown year in 2012…AND THAT WAS IN 67 LESS AT BATS!!!!  He moves back to First Base this year, will DH some and WILL put up the same Triple Crown stats.  A top pick in your Fantasy Baseball Draft this year??  Other than Mike Trout, Miggy C should be the first name you hear called or have the most money spent on.  As The Talented Mr. Roto (Matthew Berry) always says when talking about your fantasy studs, “Don’t get cute”.


Fantasy Baseball Draft: Ian Desmond, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Shortstop:

Ian Desmond (Nationals)

What!?  Were you thinking someone else?  Hanley, Tulo, Reyes, Jeter?? Injury, Injury, Injury, Old.  That leads us to Desmond.  In his 3 full major league years, he has averaged 566 At Bats.  Injuries can hit anyone at anytime but picking up the scraps to fill spots for injured players can be tough and that’s where Desmond fits in nicely to your Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team.  Plus his 3 year average of 17HR, 67RBI, 22SB and 71 Runs Scored is comparable and/or better than the 3 year averages of our 3 oft injured shortstops.  And what about Jeter?  The captain will much deservedly have his name called all year long in every stadium on his retirement tour.  No need to call his name during your fantasy baseball draft.  Leave that to the stadium announcers.


Fantasy Baseball Draft: Mike Trout, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Outfielder:

Mike Trout (Angels)

You can state the obvious sometimes and people just let it slap them on their face and they don’t know what hit them.  So here is the obvious.  You are picking Mike Trout near or at the top of your fantasy baseball draft.  Hands down.  Sold.  Without the elite bats around him, Trout still has been a star.  If Pujols and Hamilton can even come close to the type of hitters they are expected to be, Trout will beyond excel in what will be a very dangerous lineup.  P.S. He led the American League in walks last year too.  The sky is the limit and this is just the beginning of something great.  “Don’t Get Cute!”

Fantasy Baseball Draft: Andrew McCutcheon, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Outfielder:

Andrew McCutchen (Pirates)

Another obvious pick is your National League MVP Andrew McCutchen.  Sometime that doesn’t mean he is your Fantasy Baseball Draft MVP, but this 5 tool player should be very high on your radar.  Consistent and productive, McCutchen has averaged 583 at bats the past 3 years and has 25HR, 90 RBI, 23 SB and 90 Runs Scored.  The weak, but developing Pittsburgh lineup can keep him from exceeding those averages, but you can’t ask for more than a consistent productive player to be on your Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team.

Fantasy Baseball Draft: Andrew Jones, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Outfielder:

Adam Jones (Orioles)

With his 3 year averages, Jones could be McCutcheon’s twin.  623 At Bats, 30HR, 91 RBI, 14 SB and 90 Runs Scored are what Jones has produced entrenched in the middle of that Orioles lineup.  With Markakis, Davis , Cruz and Weiters sharing the load, Jones does not have a lot of pressure on him offensively and can just swing away.  Not only is Jones a solid baseball player but he’s a solid role model for the youth.  While other players chew tobacco, he very openly promotes his bubble gum chewing.  Dentists everywhere love him and so will you if he’s a key part of your Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team.

Starting Pitcher

Fantasy Baseball Draft: Clayton Kershaw, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Starting Pitcher (NL):

Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers)

Sometimes a big contract can scare you away from a player because you think they are set now, they won’t work hard.  Kershaw doesn’t seem like that type of player.  He is very hard working, determined and gritty.  His arm is durable with an average of 232 Innings over the past 3 seasons.  His ERA and WHIP are elite, Strikeout numbers are near the top and with an improved Dodgers offense, his wins will be back up near the 20’s.  With no significant injury history and an ownership committed to winning, things are adding up for Kershaw to be a consistent Cy Young Front Runner and your top pitcher’s name called during your fantasy baseball draft.

Fantasy Baseball Draft: Felix Hernandez, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Starting Pitcher (AL):

Felix Hernandez (Mariners)

King Felix is already a perennial Cy Young Contender and that has been with a not very good team.  All Felix needs to do is continue to pitch at a high level.  Mariners ownership has worked hard this off season to change the not very good team part.  Offensively they upgraded with heavy hitters Hart, Morrison and of course they were the surprise suitor for Robinson Cano.  With the offensive upgrades, Hernandez could also flirt with the 20 win category.  Also very durable with an average of 223 Innings Pitched over the past 3 years, Felix had some minor issues near the end of last year but came back and pitched strong to finish the year.  No Jacks or Queens needed with King Felix.  Get your Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team started strong with this Ace and be King of your league!

Relief Pitcher

Fantasy Baseball Draft: Craig Kimbrel, Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team Closer:

Craig Kimbrel (Braves)

Another obvious choice but this is your fantasy, you can do whatever you want! Craig Kimbrel has averaged 46 saves over the past 3 years on a Braves team that always pitches well and is always in games which gives him the chance to rack up those saves.  His strikeouts are equal to some starters numbers and he has not missed any time due to injury in his 3 years as reliever.  With no history of arm trouble, he looks like the best of the business and seems to be the closest thing we have to a sure thing as a reliever since Mariano Rivera.  Round out your Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team with the best closer in the game.


I hope this helps you out.  Please comment with any thoughts of your Fantasy Baseball Draft Dream Team or questions about mine.  Good luck with your fantasy baseball draft.  Play Ball!

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