August 26, 2013 SFTC PICKS

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My Personal SFTC Record (Majority as a monthly wins player): 3,525-2,854 (.559)
Personal August SFTC Record (Felixgodnandez – monthly player): 70-85-1 (Losses inflated due to F button)
Overall Site Picks Record: 6,540-4,906 (.572)
Overall Pick of the Day Record: 195-88 (.689)
August Overall Record: 196-151
August Stash Path Record: 20-11
August Recommended Picks Record: 52-29
August Pick of the Day Record: 2-2

Low Streak- I wouldn’t risk any sort of good streak on it, so most of them aren’t even W6 worthy for the most part.

Low Streak/Confident: Pretty good pick that I’d risk a decent streak on…Around the W10 range

Confident: I’d risk most streaks on it..Well into the W15 range.

Very Confident: Risk any streak on it

There will always be mostly low streak picks due to the nature of the game/prop selection.


Best picks today = Chelsea, No: Neither gets hit

1. Spartak Moscow (Low Streak): Spartak Moscow is -130 at 5dimes to win this match against Amkar.  They have won the previous 3 meetings over the last couple of years with Amkar scoring 1 total goal in those 3 matches.  This includes 2 road wins by Spartak.  Spartak is a much better offensive team than Amkar, which was evident by the stats last year and is already evident this season.  Spartak has scored 10 goals this season in 5 matches, while Amkar has score just 4 in 5 matches.  Spartak is off to a hot start to the season on the road with 3 wins and 1 draw in 4 matches.  They have 10 goals scored and only 4 conceded in those matches.  Russian soccer can be very shady at times, so I’d never give this pick with a lot of confidence.

2. Flipkens (Low Streak): Venus Williams is -120 against Flipkens in the 1st round of the US Open.  Williams is WAY past her prime and has had health issues for a while now.  She doesn’t have the stamina that she used to and struggles in long matches.  She still has a very powerful serve and can be tough to break when her serve is on.  Venus hasn’t made much noise anywhere in quite a while now and I don’t see that changing here.  What is going for Venus is that she will hold nothing back because she knows her time as a pro is coming to an end sooner than later.  Flipkens is having a very solid year and has climbed the rankings.  She faced Venus earlier this year and won in 3 sets after losing the 1st set 6-0.  Flipkens is a solid player that can’t compete with the elite women’s players, but she’s good enough to beat most.  I like Flipkens in 3 sets.  6-4 3-6 6-3.

3. Rays (Low Streak)

4. Chelsea (Low Streak/Confident)

5. No: Man U never leads in 1st half (Low Streak)

6.  No Chelsea Goal (subject to change at halftime): Depends on score and flow of match.

7. Reds (Low Streak)

8. No: Neither Gets Hit (Low Streak)

9. Blue Jays (Low Streak)

10. Phillies (Low Streak)

11. No HR (Low Streak)

12. Mariners (Low Streak)

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