2014 NBA Draft Betting Preview

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2014 NBA Draft Betting Preview

The highly anticipated 2014 NBA Draft is just hours away and jam-packed with prospects who will likely make an impact on the league for some time to come.

I searched the web and different sports books to find what kind of betting props are on on the table. Just for fun, I’ll put in my two cents and try to give suitors an edge on what’s going to happen this year.

If the NBA Draft isn’t your thing, check out Brian Bevan’s excellent article on Lebron James’ possible destinations.

1.) Draft Position for Dante Exum (Over/Under 3.5)

Exum is the biggest mystery in the lottery because NBA teams are basically putting all of their stock in to a couple of games in which Exum dazzled for the Austrailian National Team. For that reason, I see this as an easy Under 3.5 (picked after the fourth pick). The Cavs would be stupid to make the pick, the Bucks need a better pick and the 76ers already have a similar player in Michael Carter-Williams.

Confidence – High

2.) Draft Position for Joel Embiid (O/U 5)

A healthy Embiid is surely the top of the class. However, Embiid is making teams remember battered Greg Oden with his recent back problems to go along with a new broken foot.  If you asked me a month ago, I would have taken over all day long, but not anymore. Instead, take over with low confidence because I would not be shocked to see any of the top four teams roll the dice with this skilled big man.

Confidence – Low

3.) Draft Position for Julius Randle (O/U 7)

Number seven is where the LA Lakers pick and they seem enamored by the two-way game of Randle. The former Wildcat is one of the safest picks in the draft and will likely contribute no matter what color jersey he puts on each week.  I’m going over with Randle because it will be a push if he doesn’t go before the Lakers pick.

Confidence – Medium

4.) Draft Position for Doug McDermott (O/U 9.5)

Creighton’s golden son gets his chance at the NBA and I don’t see him as a top ten pick. Some mocks have him at number nine to the Charlotte Hornets, but that doesn’t seem like the right pick to me. He won’t be able to dominate in the paint like he did in college and is his jump-shot reliable enough to make it against bigger defenders? I’m going under here.

Confidence – Medium

Do you agree or disagree with my picks. Please let me know by commenting below.




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